500 Liter Liquid Nitrogen Dewar


Liquid nitrogen dewar is made of high-quality stainless steel, and equipped with a pressure-increasing system, which can generate pressure and continuously discharge liquid. Our factory supply 100L, 150L, 175L, 200L, 240l, 300L, 500L, 800L, 950L liquid nitrogen dewar, used for differen industry. The big liquid nitrogen tank can be a small liquid nitrogen station.

L tank
L tank
Liquid nitrogen dewar container
Liquid nitrogen dewar container
 liter container
 liter container
liquid nitrogen tank dewar
liquid nitrogen tank dewar


Parameters Unit Model ( YDZ-500 )
Geometric volume L 550
Effective volume L 500
Diameter mm 1000
Height mm 1750
Empty weight kg 335
Total weight kg 739
Daily evaporation rate % 1.1
Infusion quantity L/Min 12
Standard working pressure Mpa ≤0.1


  1. Liquid valve (inlet/drain): When filling the container through the inlet/drain valve, first open the vent valve, connect the metal hose for infusion to the inlet/drain valve, and open the Inlet/drain Valve. That is, you can add liquid media through the inlet/drain valve. After filling, close the inlet/drain valve.
  2. Liquid level gauge: By observing the yellow indicator ring in the transparent display, the changes can be directly read in the liquid level.
  3. Storage: When you use this container to store liquid nitrogen, please close the inlet/drain valves and pressurization valves, and must open the vent valve.
  4. Transportation: When you use this container to transport liquid media, the opening and closing status of each valve should be the same as during storage. Please fix the container seat with the wheels under it, and use a rope to securely secure the container to the vehicle.
  5. Infusion: Close the vent valve, open the booster valve, and observe the pressure gauge. When the pressure rises to 0.05MPa (0.5kg/cm2), open the drain valve, which allows continuous infusion.
Self pressurized liquid nitrogen container


  1. Replenish liquid nitrogen.
    Self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tanks can replenish liquid nitrogen for larger liquid nitrogen containers, such as large storage and transportation liquid nitrogen tanks. The entire process is automated and requires no manual operation, making it very convenient.
  2. Widely used in modern low-temperature clinical surgery operation and other medical industries. Self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tanks have been widely used in the medical industry. It can be paired with cryotherapy equipment to replace most surgeries in traditional clinical departments. It is safe, painless, and has good therapeutic effects.

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The YDZ-500 self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank is mainly used to replenish liquid nitrogen for large liquid nitrogen biological containers, and is widely used in cryotherapy in the modern medical industry. It is deeply welcomed by countries around the world.

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