Liquid Nitrogen Vessel for Bueaty


10l nitrogen cylinder are mainly made up of outer shell, inner vessel, neck tube, multi-layer isolating material and canisters. Widely used in hospital dermatology and beauty clinics. For different customer flows, we have designed 1Liter, 2Lliter, 3Liter, 6Liter, 10Liter liquid nitrogen dewar of different sizes, to significantly improve the utilization rate of liquid nitrogen.

L liquid nitrogen container
L liquid nitrogen container
Package of theL container
Package of theL container
name of the part
name of the part
Back of theL container
Back of theL container
Mouth of theL container
Mouth of theL container


Our stock model YDS-10-50
Capacity 10L
Neck diameter 50mm
Height 560mm
Outer diameter 290mm
canisters number 6pcs
canister outer diameter 36mm
Canister height 120mm
canister total height 470mm
Empty weight 6.7kg
Lockable lid and protection cover Included. (optional)
Static holding time 70-110 days
ISO/CE Approved
Package carton 35*35*62cm gross weight 8.1kg


  1. The outer shell and inner vessel are made of the aluminum alloy plate featuring light weight, high cryogenic strength and corrosion resistance.
  2. The neck tube is made of glass-fiber reinforced plastics featuring of high mechanical strength and low heat conductivity.
  3. The multi-layer insulation is composed of the reflecting screen of aluminum foils with high reflectivity and insulation material with low heat conductivity and low gas-passing speed to reduce heat radiation.
  4. The jacket between the outer shell and inner vessel is of high vacuum to prevent thermal convection. Moreover, an adsorbent with a high adsorbing capacity at the cryogenic temperature is used to ensure the long-term stable and reliable performance of the dewar with more than five-year life service.


  1. Beauty freckle
    The 10L liquid nitrogen container is mainly used for freezing freckles, moles, pigmented spots, etc. Ice crystals are formed inside and outside the tissue cells, and the structure is destroyed and cracked, so as to achieve the effect of beauty.
  2. Freezing cells, embryos, reagents
    Vaccines, bacterial strains, cells, and human and animal organs in the biomedical field can be immersed in liquid nitrogen stored in a liquid nitrogen tank for long-term active storage. When it is needed, take out the thawing and rewarming and use it.

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There different size from 1liter to 10liter liquid nitrogen vessel, we can also supply custom size, with different printing on the tank. Various models of liquid nitrogen tanks for sale. Contact us, get liquid nitrogen cylinder price list.

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