YDD Liquid Nitrogen Tank for Storage Biological Sample


The Biological Sample Bank series provides the user with the fully automatic, safe and reliable cryogenic liquid nitrogen storage system. the tank body is made of the high quality stainless steel, with casters and brake devices, the hinge type open cover way and large caliber opening for sample storage.The sample can be stored in liquid and gas state, and the microcomputer touch control system provides higher convenience and security.In order to achieve the most economical operation, our design can guarantee the minimum liquid nitrogen consumption, the maximum sample storage capacity.It adopts advanced evacuation technology, adiabatic technology and high vacuum long-lasting technology to ensure the safe storage of trouble-free samples, good uniform temperature characteristics and minimum liquid nitrogen consumption characteristics.During gas phase storage, the temperature difference in the entire storage area does not exceed 10 ° C, and the minimum temperature at the top of the frozen storage shelf can reach -190 ° C.


Model YDD-380-300 YDD-460-300 YDD-600-445 YDD-750-445 YDD-850-445 YDD-1000-445 YDD-1300-610
The amount of liquid nitrogen at the bottom of the tray(L) 55 55 80 80 135 135 265
Sample storage space volume(L) 262 361 454 627 694 808 995
Tank geometric volume(L) 377 481 637 818 959 1072 1475
Tank effective volume (L) 350 460 587 783 890 1014 1340
Tank diameter(mm) 326 326 445 445 465 465 635
Internal effective height(mm) 600 828 600 828 773 900 620
Tank outer diameter(mm) 875 875 1104 1104 1190 1190 1565
Tank overall height(mm) 1326 1558 1321 1591 1559 1704 1398
Tank empty weight(kg) 219 277 328 372 441 495 851
Tank operating height(mm) 1263 1212 1266 1216 980 950 997
Fully loaded gross weight (KG) 502 649 802 1005 1160 1314 1934
Door width requirements≥mm 895 895 1124 1124 1210 1210 1585
Daily evaporation rate % 1.55 1.45 1.35 1.25 0.85 0.82 0.95
Voltage 220VAC


1. compatible with gas-phase and liquid-phase storage mode;

2. a variety of capacity available to maximize your storage needs;

3. Store more samples per unit footprint and reduce storage costs;

4. excellent temperature uniformity and stability;

5. excellent temperature stability after opening;

6. advanced temperature, level monitoring and alarm system, remote monitoring network;

7. automatic supply of liquid nitrogen system, safe and labor-saving;

8. The microprocessing control system can store the running data permanently;

9. one-button defogging function, easy to find and take and put samples;

10. a number of user-friendly design, comfortable operation;

11. The lid can be locked to ensure the safety of samples;

12. Standard one-piece folding step and auxiliary table;



High density storage

 Compared with similar products, our tanks occupy a small area and store more samples, which can save space and reduce the storage cost per sample.

Excellent temperature uniformity

Vacuum insulated stainless steel box structure, high vacuum coverage, to ensure excellent thermal insulation 

Stable openning temperature

Innovative box cover and neck offset small opening design can greatly reduce liquid nitrogen volatilization rate. Even if the lid is opened for a long time, the temperature inside the box can be kept stable, and the temperature in the box can not be higher than -150 ° C for 48 hours

Advanced temperature monitoring system

The monitoring system based on microprocessor and top and bottom platinum resistance temperature probes can display the highest and lowest temperature of the box in real time with an accuracy of ± 1 ° C. Users can set their own alarm point, with the option of silent alarm

Automatic liquid nitrogen infusion and liquid level monitoring system

The liquid level monitoring system based on differential pressure sensor can display the liquid level in real time to ensure the safety and reliability of the liquid nitrogen automatic perfusion process. 10 inch LCD touch screen can display top temperature, bottom temperature, liquid level height and operating status and other parameters.

Thermal bypass

The hot gas bypass can remove room temperature nitrogen from the pipeline before liquid nitrogen injection, ensuring that only ultra-low temperature liquid nitrogen is injected into the tank, avoiding temperature fluctuations in the liquid nitrogen tank during the filling process, which affects sample safety, and also reducing additional liquid nitrogen consumption.

Multi-humanized design

The stainless steel auxiliary working table can be used for temporarily placing the frozen storage shelf to speed up the sample taking and putting;The integral folding step reduces the operation height and is convenient for taking and placing;Internal rotating tray with spare opening for easy to find accidentally dropped samples.


It is suitable for long-term liquid nitrogen immersion (vaporization) preservation of large quantities of biological samples such as stem cells, plasma, semen, embryos, various tissues and organs.

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The Biological Sample Bank series provides the best storage experience: fast sample access, reliable sample protection, convenient liquid nitrogen auto-filling and flexible storage capacity.

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