About machine


What is the material of liquid nitrogen container? The liquid nitrogen container is made of aluminum alloy, or stainless steel according to requirements. Different materials have different prices.


How should we choose the model of liquid nitrogen container? It is more accurate to select the model and size of liquid nitrogen tank according to the number of samples and the different industries.


Can you customize the liquid nitrogen container? Yes, we can. When a certain quantity is reached, we can produce liquid nitrogen containers according to your customized requirements.


What accessories will you provide with the liquid nitrogen container?
  1. Protective jacket
  2. Canister
  3. Cover plug
  4. Lock cover
Note: The 2L liquid nitrogen container has three canisters. Other models of liquid nitrogen containers have six canisters. (There are two types of canisters: with hole and without hole.)


Do you have a minimum order? No, You need one liquid nitrogen container, and we can also arrange shipment. If you have special requirements or customization, you can ask us for details.


What are the payment way you can accept? 40% deposit and 60% before shipment is the way we usually use. For big order, we accept L/C with good credit banks.


Do you provide free samples and how can I get them? It depends on the specific item you need, for liquid nitrogen containers; usually we don't provide free samples as its big value.


DDo you give discounts with large quantities? Yes, we have such sales policy. More quantities ordered, more discounts. And it not only depends on your order quantity, but also the item you ordered.


How about the packing of liquid nitrogen containers, can I use my own logo on packages? Normally we are using our logo to pack liquid nitrogen containers. We can mark your own logo on the packages. And also can be neutral packing for your convenience.


How long will my order take? Normal delivery is about 7~15 working days. Ending delivery schedule depends on the quantity and items you ordered.

When can you deliver the machine? We can produce it within 15 days from receipt of 40% deposit. For example, it needs 15 days to the port of destination, so the total time is about 30~35 days from production to your port.



How about the equipment warranty? The warranty period is for two year for whole liquid nitrogen container except the consumable and wearing parts. We are always glad to provide technical supports and solutions for the whole using life.


What is the maintenance scope of your product? Under normal use, if the liquid nitrogen container produced by our company are found to be affected due to the manufacturing reasons within one year from the date of receipt by the user, the following methods shall be followed:
  1. When the container is filled with liquid nitrogen for the first time, if a large amount of condensed water and frost are found on the surface of the container, our company will repair or replace it for free.
  2. When the container is tested before the initial use, if the static liquid nitrogen storage period of the product is found to be lower than the standard, our company will repair and replace it for free.
  3. TWithin one year, when the product has a quality problem that really belongs to our manufacturing, our company will check and repair the product.
  4. If it is necessary to repair or replace, the container with complete accessories, as well as the product certificate and the copy of the shopping voucher with the corresponding number must be sent back to the company for inspection and handling.
What are your main ways of after-sales service? Our company is now expanding rapidly, but it will take some time for us to set up service centers in different countries. At present, we mainly use the following methods for after-sales service:
  1. The liquid nitrogen cryogenic container will be equipped with professional instructions.
  2. Sales staff can provide you with good after-sales service and professional engineers can solve common problems.
  3. The warranty period of liquid nitrogen cryogenic container is one year (from the date of delivery), excluding vulnerable parts.
  4. For large orders, technicians can be dispatched when necessary.

Exporting country

Which countries do you export to? Since 2008, we have exported to more than 30 countries. For example, the United States, Turkey, Kenya, Brazil, Pakistan, Thailand, Zimbabwe, the Philippines, Uganda, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Korea, Germany, Egypt, South Africa, the Republic of the Sudan, Uzbekistan and other countries.