YDK Wide Mouth Liquid Nitrogen Tank


YDK series liquid nitrogen containers are mainly used for cold assembly, cold treatment, storage of livestock semen, as well as storage of blood oars, skin, viscera, vaccines, microorganisms, etc. In addition, it is also applied in research on the physical properties of metals, space technology, and the electronic industry.

YDK liquid nitrogen tank
YDK liquid nitrogen tank


liquid nitrogen container


  1. The main components of YDK liquid nitrogen tank are made of 304 stainless steel, which has good low-temperature performance, beautiful appearance, high strength, and can be used in various environments.
  2. The container adopts a high vacuum, multi-layer insulation structure, and an adsorbent is installed in the vacuum chamber to maintain its vacuum degree for a long time. The container cover is composed of a cap and a core plug, and the core plug is made of rigid foam plastic with good thermal insulation performance, which can reduce the evaporation of liquid nitrogen.

Production Process

1. All welds have passed the helium mass spectrometry leak detection;

2. The liquid nitrogen tank has undergone strict low-temperature testing;

3. The skillful vacuum technology ensures extremely low evaporation loss rate;

4. The exterior of the container adopts special polishing technology, which has a beautiful appearance;

5. The entire production process strictly follows the IS9001:2015 standard for production.


1. Animal Husbandry:  Frozen storage of livestock semen and embryos

2. Medical industry:  Cryostorage of human stem cells, plasma, and the treatment of skin diseases.

3. Scientific and technological research:  Incubators and storage equipment for viruses and other microorganisms.

4. Industrial field:  Deep cooling treatment of molds, cutting tools, cutting tools, mechanical cold assembly, etc.

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Our factory supply optional mechanical or digital level sensor for the YDK liquid ntrogen tank, and we can also make a custom according to your actual useage

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