Liquid Nitrogen Dewar for Cell Storage


Our factory specializes in producing low-temperature containers and liquid nitrogen tanks, which are used in animal husbandry, research institutes, hospitals, etc. Our factory provides 125mm and 210mm caliber liquid nitrogen tanks, and offers 15L-100L different volumes tanks, to meet different requirements for freezing and storing different quantities of animal embryos, cells, and semen. We also provide multi-layer baskets for easier extract and storage by researchers.

cell storage tank
cell storage tank
liquid nitrogen container
liquid nitrogen container
cryo tank
cryo tank
Nitrogen tank
Nitrogen tank


Our stock model YDS-50
Capacity 50L
Neck diameter 125mm
Height 850mm
Outer diameter 500mm
Canisters number 6pcs
Canister outer diameter 76mm
Canister height 120mm
Canister totalheight 660mm
Empty weight 21.3kg
Lockable lid and protection cover Included. (optional)
Static holding time 110 days
ISO/CE Approved
Package carton 54*54*95cm gross weight 26.5kg


  1. The outer shell and inner vessel are made of the aluminum alloy plate featuring light weight, high cryogenic strength and corrosion resistance.
  2. The neck tube is made of glass-fiber reinforced plastics featuring of high mechanical strength and low heat conductivity.
  3. The multi-layer insulation is composed of the reflecting screen of aluminum foils with high reflectivity and insulation material with low heat conductivity and low gas-passing speed to reduce heat radiation.
  4. The jacket between the outer shell and inner vessel is of high vacuum to prevent thermal convection. Moreover, an adsorbent with a high adsorbing capacity at the cryogenic temperature is used to ensure the long-term stable and reliable performance of the dewar with more than five-year life service.


  1. Frozen cells, embryos, reagents in laboratory
    It is mainly used for the preservation of some cells or embryos. Cryopreservation of cells can preserve cells for a long time without mutation, especially for storing cells that are difficult to obtain.
  2. Activity preservation of biological samples.
    Vaccines, bacterial strains, cells, and human and animal organs in the biomedical field can be immersed in liquid nitrogen stored in a liquid nitrogen tank for long-term active storage. When it is needed, take out the thawing and rewarming and use it.
  3. Refrigeration industry accessories, preservation precision instruments
    In the industrial sector, it is generally necessary to use a large-diameter liquid nitrogen container. It can be used in freezing accessories, producing nitrogen fertilizer, etc. But it is mainly used for freezing industrial accessories.

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