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        In the process of social development, industry plays an important role, and it can lead the country to develop in a better direction. The liquid nitrogen container adopts advanced technologies such as updated high-vacuum multi-layer insulation, electronic temperature control and liquid nitrogen dispersion, and is used for long-term static storage of various samples, and also has many uses in industry. In industrial production, liquid nitrogen is obtained by fractional distillation of compressed liquid air, which can be used as a deep refrigerant. Due to its chemical inertness, it can directly contact biological tissues and freeze immediately without destroying biological activity. Therefore, it can be used for:
      1. Quickly freeze and transport food, or make ice products;
      2. Carry out research on low temperature physics;
      3. Demonstrate cryogenics in science education. Objects that are soft at room temperature will be as brittle as glass if soaked in liquid nitrogen;
      4.Provide the temperature required for high-temperature superconductors to exhibit superconductivity, such as yttrium barium copper oxide.
      5. Overclocking players use it to cool down CPU, GPU, etc.
      6. It can be used as a refrigerant to rapidly freeze biological tissues to prevent the tissues from being destroyed.
      7. Used in industrial nitrogen fertilizer production.
      In the industrial sector, it is generally necessary to use a large-diameter liquid nitrogen container. It can be used in freezing accessories, producing nitrogen fertilizer, etc. But it is mainly used for freezing industrial accessories. Its principle is to put low-temperature liquid nitrogen and high-temperature accessories together to produce the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, so that the accessories are put into the matching machine. Therefore, large-diameter liquid nitrogen containers are becoming more and more important in the industrial industry.



Product advantages
Customized service
Because the industrial accessories produced by different companies are of different sizes, we have launched a customized service, and customers can propose the liquid nitrogen containers they want to produce according to their own requirements.
Quality assurance
Our products have a two-year quality guarantee and a five-year vacuum warranty.

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