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        Liquid nitrogen is a colorless, tasteless, low-viscosity transparent liquid with stable chemical properties and does not combine with any substance. As the largest product of air liquefaction and separation and the by-product of industrial oxygen production, liquid nitrogen has gradually received attention and recognition due to its unique properties. The application of liquid nitrogen as an ideal refrigerant in the food industry has made great progress in the world, and is praised as one of the most outstanding achievements of the food industry in the 20th century.
Liquid nitrogen plays an important role in the food industry and has been used in many aspects, such as food quick-freezing, food transportation, food packaging, etc.

      1. Application of liquid nitrogen in food quick-freezing

      (1) Liquid nitrogen is non-toxic and inert to food ingredients. In addition, because it replaces the air from the food, it can minimize the oxidation change during freezing and packaging storage.
      (2) Liquid nitrogen can be in close contact with all parts of irregularly shaped food to minimize heat transfer resistance.
      (3) The dry consumption of frozen food is small. The dry consumption rate of food frozen with general freezing device is between 3% and 6%, while that frozen with liquid nitrogen freezing device is between 0.6% and 1%. Therefore, it is suitable for freezing some foods with high moisture content, such as bayberry, tomato, crab meat, etc.
      (4) Small floor area, low initial investment and high device efficiency.
      (5) Frozen food is of high quality. Due to the direct contact between liquid nitrogen and food and the intense heat exchange at a temperature difference of more than 200K, the freezing speed is extremely fast, and the temperature can be reduced by 7-15K per minute. The ice crystals in the food are fine and uniform, and the food quality is high after thawing.

      2. Application of liquid nitrogen in food refrigeration and transportation

Refrigerated transportation is a very important part of the food industry. The development of liquid nitrogen refrigeration technology and the development of liquid nitrogen refrigerated trains, refrigerated cars and refrigerated containers are the common development trend in the world today. Many years of application practice in developed countries shows that liquid nitrogen refrigeration system is the only refrigeration and preservation technology that can compete with mechanical refrigeration system commercially, and it is also the development direction of food refrigeration and transportation.

      3. Application of liquid nitrogen in food packaging

A company in London, UK, has developed a simple and practical method for food preservation packaging, which is to add a few drops of liquid nitrogen into the packaging bag when packaging food. When liquid nitrogen is evaporated and converted into gas, its volume expands rapidly, replacing most of the original gas in the packaging bag quickly, reducing the deterioration of food due to oxidation, thus greatly extending the fresh-keeping period of food.

      4. Other applications of liquid nitrogen in food industry

Due to the refrigeration effect of liquid nitrogen, liquid condiments can be processed into granular frozen foods that can flow freely and pour out. These foods can be used at any time and are very convenient.

      If people in the food industry need to use liquid nitrogen tanks, our company recommends YDS-10-50, YDS-20-50, YDS-30-50 and other models. Please feel free to contact us if you have any special purpose or any questions.

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