Factors To Consider When Purchasing Liquid Nitrogen Tank


The liquid nitrogen storage tank is mainly used for semen storage in cattle and sheep and other animal husbandry industries, vaccine and cell storage in the biomedical field, cryogenic treatment of metal materials, and refrigeration in the medical industry, so it has a wide range of applications. But what should we pay attention to when purchasing liquid nitrogen storage tanks?

First of all, consider the type of liquid nitrogen tank you want. The cryogenic liquid nitrogen tank is divided into two types: storage liquid nitrogen tank and transportation liquid nitrogen tank. The storage tank is often used for indoor static storage. The transportation of liquid nitrogen tank is convenient for long-distance transportation because of its shockproof design standard.

Package of theL container

Product quality judgment standard:

1: Check whether there are water drops or frost on the tank body of liquid nitrogen tank. It can be directly touched by hand. If the upper part of the tank is cold and the lower part is hot, it means that the tank is abnormal, and the loss of liquid nitrogen is relatively large, which may even affect the activity of the sample in the tank.

2: After opening the cover plug, the fog in the tank sinks and does not spill out, indicating that the low-temperature tank is normal.

3: Every day, check whether the tank is abnormal. If there is liquid chlorine in the tank, there are water drops or frosting outside the tank mouth, the tank should be stopped immediately.

4: Listen with your ears to see if there is bubble sound in the liquid nitrogen tank outside the bottle mouth. If the bubble sound is frequent, it indicates that the tank body is abnormal.