How To Judge The Quality Of Liquid Nitrogen Tank From Four Aspects?


Liquid nitrogen tanks are divided into storage tanks and transport tanks.

  1. When the jar is in use, the usage of the jar should be checked every day. Under the premise that there is liquid nitrogen in the liquid nitrogen tank, if there are water droplets or frost on the lid and the upper part of the tank, it means that the quality of the liquid nitrogen tank is defective, and the use should be stopped immediately.
  2. When there is no water drop or frost on the cover plug and the upper part of the tank body, touch the outer shell with your hand, and when the tank body is cold and hot, it means that the liquid nitrogen in the tank increases or decreases every day. In order to prevent damage to stored items after liquid nitrogen is reduced, it is best to stop using it. If the upper and lower temperatures are the same, it means that the jar has no quality problems.
  3. After opening the cap, the mist at the mouth of the bottle did not overflow, but sank, indicating that the quality of the jar is no problem.
  4. Use your ears to listen to the sound of bubbles coming from the mouth of the bottle. If the sound is frequent, it means that there is a problem with the quality of the jar, otherwise there is no problem.